For local area: We still make house calls.

Our Company

Our company is built on the principles of making quality service calls.

Our diversified range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard, and listening to the customer.

The company was officially started in 2003. Our staff has been working on computers since 1979 back in the days of CPM, FORTRAN, and COBOL.

Here's a note from the owner of the company:
I helped a radio station in Del Rio, TX rewrite a program to quickly process stats to help them call local schools ball games in 1981. 1982 took me to System Architects, Inc. where I maintained all the devices connected to two DEC 20's. I helped to add a front end so that the Small Business Administration could time share those computers and a switching network so that the programmers could change between the two.

In 1984, I was in Saudi Arabia. The joke was that they used IBM 370's as book ends since they had upgraded to an IBM 4331-12. We were in the middle of two deserts and it was a breach of contract if you could not do your job. I only called for help once. That was on a 3420 tape drive with a bad air bearing.

I went to work for Sorbus in 1984. Through them I was able to become an expert in midrange systems of the time. I also became noted for my expertise in SABRE, U.S. District Courts, Worldspan, and many other network setups and programming skills. I went from the hot spot trouble shooter to management. By the beginning of 2001, the company had gone through many name changes and layoffs. My department was let go.

The writing on the wall:
There's an argument in the US about when the down turn in the economy happened. Many people say 9/11. I do not negate the effects of 9/11 on our country in saying this: The economy changed because of Y2K. Put simply, so many upgrades were started in the late '90's. Sales of I.T. equipment climbed every year. By the time 2000 actually came, we prided ourselves on being prepared. Except there were no new sales. There were no massive networks to install. They were done. As a country, we floated in to 2000 watching sales numbers fall from the previous years. 2001 brought the axe down on all those expectations that never happened, on the sales that didn't happen, and on the service industry that was just trying to help.

These United States are coming back, as we always have before, as we will continue to do so in the future.

Let's build it together!