For local area: We still make house calls.

 We are near the heart of Hillsboro, TX. On a map, we are on HWY 35, North of Waco, and South of DFW at the "Y".


Here is a very helpful tip for those who only use free antivirus:
I have said in the past, if you depend on a free antivirus program to protect you, then you have already failed to keep your computer safe. There are many people who only use free antivirus. In this day and age it is very easy to obtain a virus without downloading anything. Just going to a website, or blog site, can get a very harmful, identity theft, antivirus program crashing virus! Before that happens to you, and if you want something that works for very well and doesn’t cost the price of a new computer, try this program from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Essentials

The only requirement is that your OS must be valid.


Here is a quick, online virus scanner.

Use it to find out if you need to call us!